For the Sake of Souls

When it comes to sharing the Gospel with the world, there is no time to waste. We work hard to maximize our resources through strategic planning and the careful monitoring of our work in order to reach the greatest number of people for Christ every day.

Our Mission

Reaching Souls International™ exists to reach the maximum number of people for Christ in the least amount of time in the most efficient way.

Our Approach

We believe that partnering with local leaders who are relationally connected to their communities is not only the most effective way to share the Gospel but also the most affordable. This is strategic evangelism. Our National Missionaries are equipped with the local language and the cultural and spiritual context of their communities, which provide strong foundations for evangelism to take root and discipleship to occur naturally.

Where We Work

Latin America



Our Leadership

Dustin K. Manis
President & CEO

Dustin K. Manis

President & CEO


Robert D. Gourley, M.D.

Chairman of the Board