FY 17-18 Annual Report

Recently, I traveled to Africa to meet new believers from the last few years. I met with some former Muslims, a man who used to be demon-possessed, a man who used to be a thief and heard so many incredible testimonies.

Though these are just a sampling from the millions of souls coming to Christ each year, it’s good to see immediate and lasting change in people’s lives.

Everything has changed at my house. I used to go out for evangelism and leave nothing to eat at home. My wife and children would be hungry. Now I have tap water and can leave something to eat at home.”

These are the words Eduardo, one of our new National Missionaries in Mozambique, spoke to me last month.

Another new National Missionary said, “Everything has changed at home and in my ministry. We have new blankets and I am seeing more people coming to Jesus.”

Be assured, your support is making an enormous difference.

I don’t know each of the 11,000,914 people that came to Christ this year. But I do know that they did so one at a time.

Real decisions. Real change.

Praising God and thanking you…

For the sake of Souls,

Dustin K. Manis

President & CEO