God is advancing His kingdom globally. Are you ready to be a part of it? Our desire is to help you connect your skills, experience, and passion with the opportunity to make an eternal impact.


At Reaching Souls International, our sole focus is a soul focus. Our mission is in our name – reaching souls.

Our core driving force, the reason we exist as an organization, is to reach souls for Christ. Our strategic purpose is to reach the maximum number of people for Christ in the least amount of time in the most efficient way. We can do many great things to help people worldwide, but the most crucial thing, priority number one, is to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

If you’re already tired of reading about souls, this is not the place for you. If you agree that, because souls matter to God, they should matter to us, you might be a good fit at Reaching Souls.

We believe partnering with local leaders who are relationally connected to their communities is the most effective way to share the Gospel and the most affordable. Reaching Souls supports national evangelists who serve as missionaries to their people. As you read this, more than 2,050 National Missionaries are reaching their people for Christ within their families, villages, and communities.

Presently, we support evangelists across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They know where to preach because they are preaching to their neighbors. There are no such things as language barriers or cultural miscues. Follow up with new Christians is simple and discipleship is natural because those who accept Christ live in the same community as those who reach them.

We believe the value of a soul is priceless, and while no equation can quantify the eternal value of salvation through Christ, we know for every $0.60 invested by donors, an individual comes to know Christ. In 2020, our National Missionaries saw 6,875,861 salvation decisions, 4,636 church starts, and 836,925 baptisms.

Our definition of missions isn’t just “doing good on foreign land.” We are results-oriented and believe you move the Great Commission forward by making disciples and planting new churches. Our work environment is fun and fast-paced but razor-focused.


To apply, please send your resume and cover letter, along with the title of the job to which you are applying, to

Job Title:

Development Representatives (Various Regions)


Responsible for all donor solicitation activities, from lead generation through close in an assigned area. Works within the Development Department team for the achievement of donor satisfaction, revenue generation, and long-term donor loyalty goals in line with ministry and department vision and values. Engage donors and prospects who have the capacity to make significant gifts to support and transform Reaching Souls and help them accomplish their philanthropic goals.