Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Faith at a Funeral

Mrs. Soba, an Zambian woman

In our culture, funerals are considered to be one of the most important gatherings. Funerals bring people together from other towns and communities as well as within the same community where the funeral is held. This is also the time that people see the important role of the church. If…

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The Prisoner and the Pastor

Missionary Kingsley preaches on the street

VIDEO: A story of nationals reaching nationals with the love of Jesus in a way that only they can. We would love for you to watch the video below to see the powerful story of Aron Banda and how God has used Pastor Elewa to change his life forever —…

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The Chief and the Headman

A young African man getting baptized

On June 1, my four Timothies and I conducted an open-air-meeting. Before we started our work in this village, we had to inform the chief and the headman about our mission. Through the grace of God, the chief and the headman granted us permission to go ahead with our open-air…

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A New Life

Malawi missionary Kingsley speaking into a microphone

On April 20, we were celebrating Easter in our country. We had Easter services at our church known as 4 Ways Baptist in Hawilani Village. We had an open-air meeting on Saturday at Jabbe Ground. During our service there came a boy at about 19 years old. He had on…

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A Thief on the Ropes

Shadrack, Kenyan missionary

Ganji is a young man of about 21 years old and my neighbor. As my neighbor, I have been praying for both him and his family. This family is famous for stealing things from different people and even looting shops. Whenever I got a chance to share the Gospel with…

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No Matter the Cost

Missionary Emile Soki posing for a picture with a young Muslim man

Following my testimony of March 2018, I am continuing to minister in the northern region of the country, Muyinga District. Reaching Souls International does not have a missionary in that region. It is more than 300km from the capital city of Bujumbura. The majority of the city population in Muyinga…

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