Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

168 Saved in Distant Village

A group of African missionaries socializing outside

Glory always be to the Lord for His caring and guidance during this pandemic period. Despite the COVID-19 hindrances, I managed to proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ in five villages. This month, 241 one-on-one contacts were made, and 168 of them were saved. Due to the…

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Yuseph the Wizard

Yuseph the wizard

Recently, I was preaching at an Open-Air Meeting at the market. An old man named Yuseph came to the market by motorcycle with his son. When I was still preaching, at the end of my message, I made an invitation. This old man came in front and he surrendered his…

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Doors of Evangelism

A brick building in Zambia

The advent of COVID-19 in Zambia in mid-March and the consequent action of the government, that of prohibiting large gatherings, somewhat negatively affected my Gospel propagation, especially in urban centers where only up to 50 people were allowed to gather for a very good reason. This situation left me with…

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Faith Through Community

An RSI pastor meeting with his community

Brother Jorge tells us with great joy about a strategy that the Lord gave them to be able to touch many people in their community. They saw that this pandemic was spreading more and more for the 5 months that we have been going and they noticed that they could…

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Preaching Through Care

RSI delivering food in Africa

Recently, I saw the hand of God. We are still on lockdown here in Zimbabwe, but myself, my wife, and my Timothy thought of preaching through food distribution. We used money from my savings. I sought permission from the police to give out mealie-meal to some needy people in the…

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Salvation Through Healing

A group of men praying

During the process of my door-to-door evangelism work in a nearby district, I came to reach a village in which many of the population of that area are Muslims. When I started preaching on the first day, I was chased from a certain Muslim leader’s house. He did not want…

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