Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Shadrack, Kenyan missionary

A Thief on the Ropes

Ganji is a young man of about 21 years old and my neighbor. As my neighbor, I have been praying for both him and his family. This family is famous for stealing things from different people and even looting shops. Whenever I got a chance to share the Gospel with him, he would try to swerve or change the topic. One good thing he did is that he always kept my phone number in both his phone and bag.

It was on the 19th January 2018, when the 40 days for Ganji was complete as the old saying that says, “The days of a thief are 40 days.” In other words, it means the days of a thief are numbered. So, the 40 days for Ganji had come.

While I was at home going on with my normal domestic businesses, I received a call with an unknown number. I received it and a person was pleading me to go quickly to the shopping center about 2 kilometers away from my home. I quickly collected myself and ran to that place. It was about 3:09 pm and the sun was still scorching.

After arriving there I found Ganji in ropes. He was fastened on hands and feet and dropped down on a heap of building stones. Other people were carrying big stones to hit him while others carried a big old bus tire ready to burn him after killing him by stoning.

Ganji had requested the mob to call for a pastor to pray for him before they kill him. The mob agreed and he gave them my phone number and thus one of them called me. Ganji had stolen some things from people and money from shops. People were very angry and tired of him. So, they have agreed to finish him. Though I didn’t know the intention of Ganji’s being prayed for before his death was, but I guess he thought prayers would take him to heaven when he dies as many believe.

I took the chance to request the mob to hear me before I would pray for Ganji and the mob to finish their work of killing him. The mob agreed with me and I thanked God for knowing that it was a good chance for me to share the Gospel with them. I took 10 minutes sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked them each to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and receive forgiveness for their sins. On that day, 37 people surrendered their lives to Jesus, including Ganji. Seeing what had happened to Ganji the mob decided to forgive him and set him free as Jesus had forgiven and saved him. Ganji and 14 people have joined our church and are doing well. Glory to God.


National Missionary, Kenya

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Missionary Emile Soki posing for a picture with a young Muslim man

No Matter the Cost

Following my testimony of March 2018, I am continuing to minister in the northern region of the country, Muyinga District. Reaching Souls International does not have a missionary in that region. It is more than 300km from the capital city of Bujumbura. The majority of the city population in Muyinga is Muslim. By God’s miracle, I have managed to bring a young boy to Jesus Christ. This happened on May 16, 2018 at 4:00 PM. I met this boy not far from his home. As I was witnessing to him, I was afraid his family could see us. However, God controls everything. Finally, the young boy accepted Jesus Christ after I shared the differences between Jesus of the Holy Bible and Isa of the Qur’an, and Jehovah God of the Holy Bible and Allah of the Qur’an.

This is his short testimony:

“I have known the truth about the loving Jehovah and the Messiah Jesus Christ, His Son. I have decided to follow and serve Him. I am aware I have made a very tough decision, as all my close relatives are going to abandon me and even pursue me. I am now cursed physically but I don’t mind. It is well with my Lord Jesus as long as I have assurance of eternal life. My father will even want to kill me, but I know that Jesus Christ, my Savior, will from today be my shield. He will be my God forever.”

There is a Baptist church in the city that has recently started, and the pastor has agreed to take care of the young boy. Pray for him as he starts the tough, long journey.


National Missionary, Burundi

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An African witchdoctor

The Witch Doctor

This is witch doctor Jose of San Juan Y Martinez, Cuba. I met Jose on February 8, 2018, in the house church he attends each Tuesday evening.  The following is his story.  Parts of this story were given to me directly by him, parts were furnished by others who knew him before and after his conversion, and parts are from a follow-up that I requested from our team in Cuba.

Jose, A.K.A. Papa Trickey, was one of the most powerful witch doctors in Cuba. His name and his work were well known all over the island. He received his power from his father, who received his from Jose’s grandfather.  All three were powerful witch doctors capable of casting spells and curses on people in a variety of ways.

People who knew Jose by sight would cross to the other side of the street when they met him so that he could not touch them.  This is how much he was feared.  Other witch doctors would go the other way when they saw him because his power was so much greater than theirs.

He was reluctant to tell me his story because he said it was very sad to him that he had been so evil. He was encouraged to tell me about his conversion by his pastor, Pedro, a National Missionary for RSI.

He told me he was a very powerful witch doctor and could cause people many problems.  He was employed to place curses on people who had disagreements with others and almost always his curses were carried out.  It was reported later to me that he was responsible for the deaths of at least three men, though he never told me that.  He told me that he could conjure up demons and speak to them just as he and I were then speaking.

He had never been approached by a Christian.  Most people considered him so evil and so influenced by Satan that he was beyond redemption.  But one day, on the street, a boy of eight or ten placed a church flier in his hand and told him of a church meeting that night.  Jose said the flier felt warm in his hand so he believed this thing the boy spoke of must have some great power. Deciding he wanted this power for his own use he went to the church that night.

He said as he entered the door that most of the people immediately moved away from him, fearing that he was there for mischief.  But Pastor Pedro, along with another man and woman came up and greeted him.  They told him they had a seat for him in a pew upfront.  He was placed immediately in front of the make-shift screen used to display the words to the songs used in worship.

He said he sat staring straight ahead at the words and not looking to either side for he knew that people feared him.  He sat through the worship service and continued to look at the screen as Pedro began to preach.  Displayed on the screen was a beautiful pastoral scene with vivid colors.  He thought it strange they would continue to display a picture on the screen while the pastor preached. He looked at the projector and could see that it had been turned off.  He looked back to the screen, but the image was still there.

He stared at the image the entire time Pedro preached, not listening to the words. After awhile the image parted and a hand reached out toward Jose.  As it did, he could hear Pedro say “is there anyone here that wishes to give their life to Christ”.  Jose stood up indicating he wanted to receive Jesus.

He said when he spoke, there was a sudden severe burning in his feet that was so painful he had to sit back down.  The burning continued up to his legs as if he was on fire and it was all he could do not to scream out.  The sensation continued up to his thighs and then into his chest where it seized his heart and he thought his heart would be ripped from his chest.  It continued up into his neck and head where it exploded out of his ears and eyes with a bright light.

He said immediately afterward was the first time in his life that he truly felt at peace.  All of the darkness in his body had been cleansed away and he was refreshed in his soul.  Immediately, he and Pedro went to his home and destroyed all of his idols and altars built to worship Satan. Now Jose and Pedro meet each morning at 4:00 a.m. for discipleship.


Cuba Missions Associate, Cuba

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