Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

A Marriage Restored

On October 19, 2019, we held an open-air meeting in the Mpatamatu urban area of Zambia. Mpatamatu is not only where I live, but also a highly-populated area and is very fertile for the sharing of the Gospel. We had three days of open-air meetings that lasted for two hours,...

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A Healthy Spirit

I thank God for helping me in my witness to a young lady by the name of Odetha, a form four student. She had been tied up by spirits within her for three days…day and night. She did not drink or eat anything for those three days. By the grace...

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Playing with Purpose

Near the temple where they meet there is an area where sports are played. There are many young people gathered every afternoon, and we decided to approach them and make a friendship. We offered them borrowed balls, gloves, bats, and a soccer ball…so we were creating the approach and they...

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The Muslim & the Missionary

My name is Emile, and I am a missionary appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ to reach the lost souls in sin, and I work under the Reaching Souls International in Burundi. I’m so thankful to God for this privilege to serve Him as such. I see His mighty hand...

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