Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Not a Box of Biscuits

Jesus stated, “No one comes to me unless the Father who sent me draws him” (John 6:44). Our efforts as Gospel propagators would prove futile if God were not involved. God’s involvement in this evangelism program can be simple, but always effective.  My Timothy and I went out visiting our…

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Freed from Anxiety and Depression

This month we had the opportunity to hold an evangelism event for young people in a nearby neighborhood. For the glory of God, several young people who suffered from anxiety and depression were freed, became healthy, and accepted Jesus. At this moment we are consolidating to later disciple them. They…

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Meeting Jesus on the Mountain Top

Today God helped us to win 10 souls to Christ while conducting prayer and fasting on the mountain.  While I was on the way to the mountain for prayer and fasting for 21 days, accompanied by my Timothies. We found some people on our way to the mountain whom we greeted and…

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Redeemed from Addiction

On April 6-8, 2023, I went on a mission trip to the village in a nearby district with 8 members of our church. During the mission, we divided into 3 teams to visit 9 families who were facing difficult circumstances, including drug addicts. We gave them gifts, provided them with…

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I Stood At the Door and Knocked

When I knocked on the door of this lady’s house, she was talking on the phone. After introducing myself and telling her that the reason for my visit was to bring her a word of hope and Good News, to talk to her about God, she immediately interrupted her conversation…

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Raising Up Leaders in Zimbabwe

On one of our Reaching Souls International trips, I went to a nearby region. We received news that one of our leaders who pastored that region’s congregations had left the church and he had gone to South Africa to look for employment. He was the overseer of 3 congregations there.…

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