Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

The Healing & The Headman

An African missionary talking to another man

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in whom we are reconciled to God. The past month has been an amazing month of service to our King. I am full of praise considering what God has done. It has been wonderful, seeing God at work within…

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An Answered Prayer

A group of RSI volunteers

God moved me one morning to go to a house, many would say that by chance, plus the will of God and the Holy Spirit led me there. When initiating the dialogue with the family, they showed peace and friendly behavior. I immediately told them about Christ, that young couple…

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Onward and Upward

An RSI evangelist preaching

It is with a heavy heart that during this period, one of our local missionaries, Rodwell, has been promoted to be with the Lord. May his soul rest in eternal peace with our Lord.  During this month, I managed to have four funerals in different villages. I thank God for…

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An Eternal Home

An elderly African woman

I thank God that in our community we had a vulnerable old lady, named Mrs. Pao. She had no food to make her own living, no house to live in, she visited me and explained all the challenges that she is facing. We shared food and explained to the church…

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The Greatest Gift

A young African woman carrying her baby

I am a servant of the Living God, pastoring the local church. I am also serving the Lord as one of the Reaching Souls International missionaries in Burundi. I am so thankful to God for using me in His services. I don’t know how to express my joy and happiness…

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An Unexpected Opportunity

Reinier and his wife in the hospital

Reinier tells us with joy: it is always good to look carefully at the purposes of God. My wife underwent surgery for lower abdominal pain that turned out to be a twisted ovarian cyst. Despite being under this test, it was good to see the hand of God at work.…

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