Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Putting God’s Work First

On May 9 at 8 in the morning, we had accompanied a sister from the congregation to drop her off at her house along with her children. When we arrived at her home, she told us to wait for her while she was going to drop off her son to…

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Under a Mango Tree

Open Air Meeting Mozambique

 There is a 34-year-old Muslim man troublesome thief called Salim who came to Christ yesterday. After he stole a bicycle, he was caught and stoned almost to death. This man was a real troublemaker, he got imprisoned four times after he stole 8 cows, two goats, maize in the fields,…

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A Sacrificial Love

 I, pastor Banda, would like to explain a scenario which happened in my church. There was a faithful woman in my church named Lines. She is a hard-working woman who is married to Mr. Noah. Mr. Noah had never visited my church before his wife started coming to church late…

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“The Recycling Plant: Jesus Christ”

The entire planet Earth is littered with all sorts of waste wherever you look: metal, glass, wood, paper, animals, vegetables, etc. The final destination for all this waste or refuse is the garbage dump. It is incredible that man, who is the major contributor to the making of this waste,…

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Hearing With Their Hearts

Witnessing in Mexico

We thank God that the deaf people we have reached have already begun to bring more deaf people. Entire families have come through the event and the group is beginning to consolidate.  This month, the culture authorities of the mayor’s office have given us permission to hold “cultural” events, where…

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Three Sobering Decisions

Open air meeting in Malawi

First, I want to thank Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to write this story. I had a plan for an open-air meeting in the village. I and my Timothies. We went to this village for preaching, we arrived before to conduct the open-air meeting. First we met with…

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