Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Breaking Generational Curses

Wilman tells us that Mrs. Fela comes from a lost family. Her life was in a terrible moment because her son drowned, and her daughter was imprisoned for homicide. She was in such bad shape that she was thinking of quitting life. We give thanks to God that in a…

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Leading the Landlord to the Lord

The man who is my landlord whom I rented his farm. Upon our renting business, he asked me about my working position. There I had an opportunity to introduce myself to him that I am a National Missionary. I also asked him, and he said he is the Group Village Headman who looks…

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The Salvation of the Lost and Healing of the Sick

Praise God! It’s been a wonderful time in the presence of God doing ministry and serving in the office of evangelism as a missionary in the Kingdom of God. Preaching the Gospel of Christ to the souls is an honor and being a partaker of the cross of Christ Jesus…

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Sharing the Love of Christ With An Old Friend

In the month of September walking during the week near my neighborhood, I met an old friend named Juan in the afternoon/evening. I had already preached to him about the Gospel before. He refused and rejected me, and did not want it.  But at that moment, he began to tell…

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A Multitude of Salvations

Salvations in Zimbabwe

The weather was cool and favorable for gatherings. We had made an awareness three days before the initial day of the open air. At noon we could see people inspecting on the venue where the open air was going to be staged. We started with a bit of singing and…

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Reaching Across Generations

Witnessing in Cuba

Arianna joyfully tells us that God has given her the honor of speaking in many places and seeing God win many souls. Something that struck me is the receptivity of all generations of Cubans to the Word of God. Especially things when hearing the Word of God, I am amazed…

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