Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Transforming A Community

Changing A Community

On Sunday, July 25, in the community o, an evangelistic message was preached. Around 80 people attended the meeting. This community is an area that suffers from alcoholism, drug addiction, and idolatry. Without a doubt, the fact that dozens of families have been able to hear and respond to the…

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Man Cannot Serve Two Masters

First of all, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I would like to share you the miracle done by God when we were in the open-air meeting.  It was on Sunday, July 3rd, 2022, in the village. At that time, I was preaching the topic “NO ONE…

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Grace Sufficient For All

On the 10th of July 2022, we proceeded to the lands with my timothies to preach the Word of God. We traveled by bus, and we completed the other five kilometers on foot to reach our destination in the afternoon. On arrival, we visited homes doing one-on-one and we were…

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Transformation While Waiting on Transportation

In Pinar del Río, brother Roberto tells us with joy about one of his outings to preach, where on his return he took advantage of the opportunity to evangelize at a point on the highway where people take improvised transport to travel. There he saw a large number of people…

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Salvation At A Soccer Game

Soccer Sermon

Hundred and seven lost souls came to Christ after a soccer game on Sunday. During our evangelism activity in the afternoon last Sunday, I and my three Timothies did reach a place where several people were watching a soccer match. We did stop there and waited for the game to…

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One Boy’s Life and the Heart of a Village

African Family

The month of June this year had been unforgettable to me. This is because on Friday, June 24, 2022, we were coming from an area where we had an open air meeting. It was about 5:30 PM in the evening and with one Timothy we cycled a bike the distance…

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