Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Everything Has Its Own Time

Zimbabwe Missionary Zafania

On March 2nd, I visited Fari in Buhera for a missionary outreach with my Timothy Tichaona. News of our coming had earlier been communicated by our fellow brothers in that community. The turn out was very large and we never thought such a gathering would come because the village head…

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96 Believers at Budekwa

Tanzanian Missionary Peter praying over a crowd

I greet you by the name of Jesus. I thank the God of heaven. This meeting was at Budekwa Village, the following is the explanation of the meeting… On March 15th, there were 102 people who attended the meeting and 96 people believed in Jesus Christ’s name. And 75 people…

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Quarantined for Christ

Karisa with a fellow missionary

On April 13th, I and my five church members went to the church to hold a special prayer for a member who had been sick for a week. At about 11:15 a.m., three policemen came to arrest us. The community had informed them that we were worshipping and that is…

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The Faith of a Fortune Teller

Juvenal the Missionary

My name is Juvenal and I am a pastor by the grace of God the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. I am among the very few chosen and appointed to be a missionary in Burundi to warn people against the doom that is coming very soon upon…

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The Unrelenting Gospel

Lefted the missionary and his three apprentices on bikes

On April 4, my three Timothies and I went out to help teach people in many areas. Such as areas of transport, stations, community care, hospitals, and police cells. We are working with the Ministry of Health staff to help deal with this deadly pandemic disease, named COVID-19. There is…

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Jesus Wins

Two young boys in Malawi

On the last Friday of November, I was coming from an open-air meeting when I met with boys who were coming from a football match, and they were very happy. I asked them why they were so happy, and they answered it was because they had won the game. The…

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