Reports from the Field

Personal accounts and stories of how God is working through Reaching Souls and our National Missionaries.

Three Sobering Decisions

Open air meeting in Malawi

First, I want to thank Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to write this story. I had a plan for an open-air meeting in the village. I and my Timothies. We went to this village for preaching, we arrived before to conduct the open-air meeting. First we met with…

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Salvation at a Funeral

Group of believers at a funeral for oldest person in village

In March, we proceeded to the village with the chief to attend a funeral for one of our church elders. This funeral gave us an opportunity to preach the Gospel to about 358 mourners, who had come to attend the burial of their beloved relative. The homestead was full of…

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The Pastor’s Mother

a pastor and a woman wearing masks

Reinier tells us with joy that he went on a missionary trip to a nearby community, left in a truck, traveled 30 km when a radiant, strong, and beautiful sun arrived. After worshiping God and praying, we came to a house where Ester was. I greeted her and she invited…

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The Lord is My Rock

A man preaches in Zimbabwe

On Sunday, I went to a [nearby village] which is 25 kilometers from my town. In the village, we have a church and a preaching point. I had gone to visit the preaching point there, about 46 people came to this preaching point. We had a very good church service…

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Healing the Sick

Mexican missionaries praying

We go to hospitals two to four times a month. The dynamic is to go and we ask for permission. And then I give the message I invite people to receive Christ and then we give the refreshment that we bring. Later, we approach them and pray for their relatives…

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But, I Thank God

Tanzanian woman

The following is a testimony from a Tanzanian woman: I was born in a Muslim family in 1995. I worshipped Allah in the family traditions. I took pharmacy and worked for a Muslim pharmacist. I also married a Muslim. I met Jesus Christ when two evangelists came into the pharmacy…

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