168 Saved in Distant Village

A group of African missionaries socializing outside

Glory always be to the Lord for His caring and guidance during this pandemic period. Despite the COVID-19 hindrances, I managed to proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ in five villages. This month, 241 one-on-one contacts were made, and 168 of them were saved. Due to the lockdown restrictions, I was not able to do Open Airs and baptisms. 

When I visited these villages, I heard from members of my church who were introducing me to their neighbors and some relatives. Since people are still not accepting visitors in their homes with happiness, fearing the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, on my way to a village, which is about 15 kilometers, I had issues with my bike and had to proceed the remaining 6 kilometers and returned by foot. 

I thank God for the experience and those saved. I also appreciate the support from our local directors and abroad for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


National Missionary, Zimbabwe