A Barren Woman Came to Christ

Barren Woman

Rosalina is a 35-year-old woman. She has been married for about 17 years, and she never conceived. Her husband almost married a second wife. He used to despise her in so many ways, and many times he tried to drive her away back to her father’s home, but Rosalina never consented to leave her marriage. 

When we were evangelizing in the village in the month of April 2022, we met Rosalina seated alone at her house while her husband had gone to work. We taught her the Word of God. We especially spoke to her about Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternal life through Him. She gave us a question concerning who Jesus really is. After we answered her question, she expressed to us about her barrenness. 

When it was around 4:30 pm, before we had finished preaching to Rosalina, her husband appeared back home from his work. We shared the Gospel with her husband as well. We granted them that a miracle would happen in their marriage if both of them believed and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Both of them received Christ. We entered inside of their house and prayed with them. Two days went on, and after that, we returned to the village to baptize that couple and other new Christians from that area. We have a newly planted church there. And those new converts are worshipping God from that new church. 

We praise God for the excellent news that Rosalina has now conceived. There is a great joy in that marriage and in the church as well. Many people in that area are believing in Christ through this miracle. 

National Missionary, Mozambique