A Different Light

A small house in Cuba

In the town of Cueto, in the province of Holguin, was held an evangelistic crusade, with the participation of the totality of our National Missionaries in the area. Three main services were held, and several kilometers of zones of difficult access were covered. It is a thickly populated area, dotted with small villages, and even sizable towns of over 15 000 inhabitants, such as the case of Cueto and Mayari.

There is always a joy to see humble people give their hearts to Jesus, to the one and Living God. The experience was so spiritually rewarding that it was agreed with the local pastors to have a second big thrust of evangelistic activity that may involve more brothers of the local churches. More than six homes manifested the desire to open their doors and establish small congregations in their midst.

For a long time, the only mention of God in those small communities had been permeated with false beliefs and doctrines, like the Jehovah Witnesses, and others that include witchcraft and Santeria, mixed with partially catholic rites. Some 85 people surrendered their heart entirely to Jesus, and even those who did not choose to do it this time, radically changed their viewpoint of Christianity and the Lord, in a very positive way. They have started viewing the Gospel with a very different light.


National Missionary, Cuba