A God Who Cares

A crowd listening to a preacher

On September 7, 2019, we secured a chance to preach to the inmates of a prison. A woman, who grew up going to the white garments church…which does not believe in reading the Bible, received Jesus.

While we were doing our counseling session, she asked for some time to give her testimony. She started her talk by saying, “There is a God in heaven who cares.” The things which were not allowed from where she used to go to church, like reading her Bible and praying on her own were now clear and it was understood that she was being led astray. 

As we spoke, she asked for a Bible and we gave her one. She is now one of the persons who can stand before her own and declare the things that those who do not believe in Bible reading and who are missing a lot for one cannot grow in the faith. 

The atmosphere in prison was so exciting for we saw almost all of the inmates present celebrating after they gave their lives to Christ. We give God the glory for the opportunity to share the Gospel with this group of people.


National Missionary, Zimbabwe