A Multitude of Salvations

Salvations in Zimbabwe

The weather was cool and favorable for gatherings. We had made an awareness three days before the initial day of the open air. At noon we could see people inspecting on the venue where the open air was going to be staged. We started with a bit of singing and one of the Timothies gave his personal testimony. It touched people’s lives. 

The time for the message came after the testimony. I shared from the book of Romans, the Roman Road. At the time for invitation, I was surprised to see a multitude of people coming up front and gave their lives to Christ. After the exercise I took the statistics and found out the number was far greater than all the open airs that I have ever conducted before. One hundred and fifty-six converts in one open air. 

They took time to praise the Lord singing songs of joy and praise. We spent two days at the place trying to put leadership structures. It is a promising preaching point that needs to be organized as a church in the shortest possible time. 

National Missionary, Zimbabwe