A New Life

Malawi missionary Kingsley speaking into a microphone

On April 20, we were celebrating Easter in our country. We had Easter services at our church known as 4 Ways Baptist in Hawilani Village. We had an open-air meeting on Saturday at Jabbe Ground.

During our service there came a boy at about 19 years old. He had on blue trousers, a white shirt, white shoes, and a black belt. He was there while totally intoxicated. He used to drink all sorts of beer, was a chain smoker of cigarettes and marijuana, and took many drugs. He was a dangerous thief who used to steal different items from people. He was also a sexual abuser who used to defile and rape girls. He used to fight with friends in the village and was always a troublesome boy to both families and the village. 

After preaching hard about the suffering, torture, and all sorts of insults of Jesus Christ, he loudly cried out rebuking and repenting of his old evil deeds. He came to the front carrying a bottle of beer, a bag of cigarettes, a bag of marijuana, and a packet of condoms. He then handed all these things to us and loudly said, “Pray for me, I am the worst sinner of this area.” With his mouth, he repented to God so that God alone could forgive him. He strongly condemned the evil deeds he had been doing in the past. He completely surrendered his body, heart, and soul to Jesus Christ for forgiveness. 

We organized baptism, and among the group of those being baptized, this boy was one of them. He was baptized on April 21. He is now a very devoted, dedicated, reliable, and punctual boy in the youth department of the church. His name is Arnold. Through Jesus Christ, may God be uplifted for ever and ever. 


National Missionary, Malawi