A Village Elder Leads the Way

Thatch huts in Africa

Charles is a village elder in Kenya. He is about 78 years old and has served in his position as elder for seven good years now. The villages normally experience floods every year. So, in the month of August this year, on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, the floods also came in abundance. 

On August 18, the Kenya Relief Agencies were going to these villages to provide relief foods to the displaced families. I thought it was wise for me to ask for the opportunity to join them so that I could share the Gospel with the people before they give out the physical food. The leader agreed, so I joined the team to those areas. Since the government had reduced some of the restrictions due to the COVID, I took my Peavey to help me during the meeting. 

We arrived at the first camp and I shared the Gospel and helped in distributing the food. In this village, 97 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We moved to the next village. The people there were more than in the first village. The village elder, Charles, had tried to quiet the multitude, but he couldn’t because there was much noise. I took my Peavey and helped him address the people. 

When everything was calm, I was first given the opportunity to share the spiritual food. During this time, Mr. Charles was the first person to come up front to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He then testified that it was his first time to hear such good news. On that day, 317 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We thank God that everything that is happening on earth has a God purpose in it. God can use any opportunity to save His people. Glory to God!


National Missionary, Cuba