Accused Woman Finds Christ

An African man being baptized

In August, I evangelized in Nghanje Village. I entered one home where many people gathered there, then I asked one person there what was going on. I discovered that there was a witch doctor who went there with the villagers to attack and expel the woman at that home who was accused of witchcraft and wizardry. After that event, I got a chance to talk with her about Jesus as a personal Savior. She agreed that she was truly a wizard because when she was the age of 16, she adapted it from her parents. After this, she accepted Jesus and gave her life to Him. We prayed for her and now she is attending the church.

She evangelized to others and brought more than 18 people to the church since she received Jesus. She has a great testimony in that village and even outside of the village. I give more thanks to Reaching Souls ministry for how you are praying for us to reach out for the Gospel. May the Lord bless you. This woman’s name is Miriam (pictured).


National Missionary, Tanzania