An Answered Prayer

A group of RSI volunteers

God moved me one morning to go to a house, many would say that by chance, plus the will of God and the Holy Spirit led me there.

When initiating the dialogue with the family, they showed peace and friendly behavior. I immediately told them about Christ, that young couple had departed from the faith. The woman is the daughter of shepherds, and they, upon hearing the message of repentance and reconciliation through Christ, ratified their faith in the Lord and began to cry.

The man had been a drummer in a Christian Church and the young worship leader in another Church, both of whom joined out of love. After receiving Christ, they introduced me to their 8-year-old daughter. Minutes later a neighbor arrived who also received Christ. The interesting thing is that we have prayed many months for that place to plant a Church and we see this couple as God’s answer to our prayers. Thank you, God, for opening that door to the Gospel … Praise Christ always. Amen. 

National Missionary, Cuba