An Eternal Home

An elderly African woman

I thank God that in our community we had a vulnerable old lady, named Mrs. Pao. She had no food to make her own living, no house to live in, she visited me and explained all the challenges that she is facing. We shared food and explained to the church the ways we could assist her as the members of the body of Christ. We gathered materials and funds to build a home for the woman. 

I thank God that we all united in the construction of the house for this old woman. Now, she is living happily and the church has shown a good testimony to the village but the challenge came when that same woman, Mrs. Pao, died after two months. We went to attend the funeral and we agreed to see the family. 

We asked the other elderly woman there, who had never known Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior, if she wanted to know Jesus. We shared the Good News in response and she and three other old women gave their lives to Christ. When we were handing over the house to the old woman, another 15 people came to accept the Lord. These 15 people who gave their lives to Christ when we were handing over the house are now members of the church. 


National Missionary, Malawi