Breaking Generational Curses

Milman Testimony

Wilman tells us that Mrs. Fela comes from a lost family. Her life was in a terrible moment because her son drowned, and her daughter was imprisoned for homicide. She was in such bad shape that she was thinking of quitting life.

We give thanks to God that in a church crusade, she was evangelized to and accepted the Lord. She came to church and was able to be free from sin. She received comfort and left behind all the generational curses of idolatry, that had her bound. Today she gives thanks to the Lord for having arrived on time and saving her. Now she prays so that her family can come to Christ.

We also thank God for our church. It is preparing to fulfill the Great Commission. It heeds His word; miracles happen, and souls are saved. Hallelujah!

National Missionary, Cuba