But, I Thank God

Tanzanian woman

The following is a testimony from a Tanzanian woman:

I was born in a Muslim family in 1995. I worshipped Allah in the family traditions. I took pharmacy and worked for a Muslim pharmacist. I also married a Muslim.

I met Jesus Christ when two evangelists came into the pharmacy and asked me if I wanted to live eternal life in heaven. I agreed and they gave me a New Testament. I read John 17:1-3, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, and John 3:15-17. They taught me the Good News of God’s love and eternal life in heaven. I was deeply happy and asked them what I should do. They said to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I believed.

They taught me how to repent and directed me in the confession prayers. I did the same and felt peaceful in my heart. I asked for a Bible, and they gave me a New Testament. I read to my husband that he should be redeemed but he divorced me and my parents sent me away. They almost hurt me, and I lost my job. Now I am staying with my relative who is not a staunch Muslim in a different place. But, I thank God.

Now I go to church in a secret way. I worship the true God and not Allah.

Please kindly pray for me that I have Jesus’ protection and that I won’t leave Jesus Christ, no matter if my family segregates me. This is what I am asking of you. Amen.

Believer, Tanzania