By God’s Grace

Juvenal, RSI Missionary

It is a great joy for me to share a testimony of what the Lord God did to me as I went to proclaim His word in prison. However, I believe it would be good if I first introduce myself. I am God’s servant, appointed as an evangelist missionary, working under the stamp of Reaching Souls International, in Burundi. Not because I deserved it, but just by God’s grace and love for me.

This is then my short testimony. I had gone to visit the prisoners as I usually do at least once a month. I was not alone. I had one of my Timothies with me. My brother and I started with some praise and worship in Kirundi Choruses. My Timothy led us in a very short prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to come and take control of everything. Then I started preaching God’s Word in John 1:9-12. I explained that unless you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Savior in your life, and if you do not walk in His light, you will fall in the pit and die. I told them many have sought their own ways to solve their different problems, but they have failed. Religions, witchcraft, talisman, and lamp torch cannot help them. Jesus is the only true light. 

I then invited those who were willing to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. Among the nine who received Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Savior was Masudi, a detainee who has been jailed for nine years. He had been accused of the country ruling party treason and condemned for perpetuity sentence. He’s 41-year-old now. He testified he’s so happy for though he is physically chained, he is now free in Jesus’ name. We prayed for him and he asked me to pay him a visit as frequent as I can so that we share about Jesus. He said he wants to know more about his Savior. I promised him to do that. I am also praying for his Kirundi Bible copy as he needs one. Meanwhile, my prayer request to my readers is to join me in prayer that Masudi might spiritually grow so that he might serve God faithfully. That life sentence is also painful for him at his age, but we don’t know God’s plan for him. Praise be to God!


National Missionary, Burundi