Coming Back to Faith

Coming Back to Faith

 In November 24, 2022 I had an Open-Air-Meeting and One-On-One Contacts in the market place. In the process of doing our contacts we met Miguel selling dried fish. He was a former evangelist and he had decided to abandon the Christian’s faith. 

When he heard us speaking to him concerning Jesus Christ, he said that he would never go to the church again because he had been suffering for several years without a rest. He narrated to us that he had been preaching the Gospel in the church and everywhere but got discouraged because of his endless suffering. Further, he said that there was no peace at his home with his wife and the children because of lacking for food, clothes, and school fees for their children. 

We read to him the scriptures from the book of 1 Peter 2:21 and
1 Peter 4:12-19. Indeed the scriptures came to rebuke and correct him from his little faith. At that moment, he felt to be lost, and his faith in Christ came to be revived. It was wonderful. Miguel did not continue selling his fish at that specific time. He packed his fish in the store room, and he accompanied us to propagate the Gospel in the market. After that, my Timothy and I together with Miguel, went to conduct an Open-Air-Meeting, and after the preaching from there we had 37 people surrendered to the Kingdom of God. 

Miguel and his entire family got back to Christ. They became members of my church. In fact, Miguel is a good preacher of the Gospel. He is testifying for what is taking place in his life, and he has been doing a wonderful work of God. 

We praise God for the miracle. 

National Missionary, Mozambique