Doors of Evangelism

A brick building in Zambia

The advent of COVID-19 in Zambia in mid-March and the consequent action of the government, that of prohibiting large gatherings, somewhat negatively affected my Gospel propagation, especially in urban centers where only up to 50 people were allowed to gather for a very good reason. This situation left me with only one effective method of Gospel dissemination, i.e. one-on-one interaction. 

As this COVID-19 situation persists, I have discovered that the gathering restriction is mainly enforced in urban areas. For this reason, I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts of evangelism in rural areas. Moving from point A to point B in these rural areas comes with financial challenges. I need motorized transport of open vans to cover these long distances. 

Here, I want to pause and sincerely thank you for your consistent monthly financial support that you send to me, especially during this difficult time of COVID-19 in which nobody is spared as it knows no status. May God who is able to continue blessing you together with your families. 

The coming of this COVID-19 pandemic has opened doors for me to reach out to the people of rural areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Million Kachinga (77 years old) received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, together with his 7 household members. I thank God that on the same trip another family of Malizani Kangaunde (59 years old), also received Christ together with his family of 6 members. 

I thank God for these alternative doors of evangelism outreach to the lost that God has opened for me.


National Missionary, Zambia