Faith at a Funeral

Mrs. Soba, an Zambian woman

In our culture, funerals are considered to be one of the most important gatherings. Funerals bring people together from other towns and communities as well as within the same community where the funeral is held. This is also the time that people see the important role of the church. If someone was not in fellowship with a church, the funeral is considered to be very difficult and it’s very sad. 

Last month, a lady within our neighborhood lost a baby and she didn’t belong to a church. I saw this as an opportunity, so I organized my Timothies and we handled the funeral. The Word was preached at the funeral house and at the graveyard. People received the Word of God, and many were saved! Amongst those who received salvation was the mother of the late baby. 

Within these few weeks, she has become one the most committed members. We have so many opportunities to reach out with the Gospel. Funeral gatherings are one of the best platforms to minister with the Gospel. Mrs. Soba has been saved and joined the church through our reaching out at the funeral.


National Missionary, Zambia