Finding a Home

Two young Tanzanian children

On November 10, I visited a village, known as Makalavatt Village, for evangelism. It is 36 kilometers from where I live. After I arrived there, I started going door-to-door for evangelism.

Eventually, I reached a house and met two children without any person at home with them. I asked them about their parents, and they informed me that both their parents passed away from HIV. After that, they lived with their uncle, but then their uncle left them almost a year ago. 

They didn’t have clothes or food; they were living in hard times. I decided to take them to the village chief to know the reality of their parents. He ensured me that their parents passed away and that their uncle abandoned them.

Because of this information, I asked the chief for permission to take them to my home. They gave me permission, and now they are living with me as my family. They are enjoying it and praising the Lord for it. Please continue to pray for their basic needs.


National Missionary, Tanzania