Grace & Peace in Christ


My name is Pastor Gaspard and I serve the Lord Jesus Christ as a full-time pastor ad a missionary within Reaching Souls in Burundi. I am so grateful for serving Him who is so faithful, loving, and caring for his servants. I thank Him for good health as I climb mountains and cross through valleys, full of energy. I thank Him also for this good opportunity offered to me to share what He does through me as I serve Him.

On Tuesday, October 13th at 6 am, very early in the morning, I woke up and headed to Bubanza Marketplace with my two Timothies to preach the Word of God. We started with a word of prayer led by one of the Timothies, Bacanamwo Libere. After that, we sang some hymnal choruses in Kirundi. I started preaching from Ephesians 1:2, the title of the sermon was “Grace
and Peace in Jesus Christ”. The theme was “People have been running here and there looking for peace, but they forget that the beginning for everything is grace.”

After the sermon, I invited those who were willing to enjoy God’s grace first so that they can have at the same time peace with God. Thirteen people responded to the calling and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior.

Here was the miracle: there was among the people a lady whose name is Jasmine, a Muslim. She had been willing to give her life to Jesus Christ, but she was afraid of her family. Her father had told her that the day she will betray Islam, for sure she was going to be killed.

Still, she decided to die for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ. She confessed in front of the people that she would rather die instead of serving Muhammad, a simple man who died and never rose again and never knew if he would inherit the kingdom of God. She asked if she could be accommodated at our church whereby, she will be safe. I accepted her among my children.

She said she won’t go back home and came to live with us and now, after being baptized the following Sunday, she is a member of the local church that I am pasturing. She is now my adopted daughter. I promised to love her and care for her. Glory to God!


National Missionary, Burundi