Jesus Is Not a Religion

Martha At the Door

Together, with my evangelism group, we went out to knock on doors in one of the neighborhoods by our church. I knocked on one of the doors and was attended to by a lady named Martha. I greeted her and asked her if she would allow me to share a message of salvation and pray for her. At first, she was somewhat sharp and harsh, however, she told me that she would listen to me.

I started asking her what if she died where she thought her soul would go. She told me that she didn’t know and that’s why she studied and was a thanatology teacher. I continued with the message, and little by little, she showed more interest. She told me that she was upset with religion because when the pandemic was going on, none of the Catholic churches were open and that at such a difficult time, the hope of the world was the spiritual. I told her that Jesus was not a religion and Jesus was always ready and with open arms to receive her, listen to her, and to heal her. She broke down and decided to receive Jesus as her savior. She told me that she was very interested in learning more about Jesus and the destiny of the soul of the human being. She invited me to study the Bible with her. 

I thank God for the life of Martha and each one of those who were saved that afternoon. I thank God for my fellow missionaries and for Reaching Souls for the support in our ministry. 

National Missionary, Mexico