Man Cannot Serve Two Masters

Choosing God instead of witchcraft

First of all, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I would like to share you the miracle done by God when we were in the open-air meeting. 

It was on Sunday, July 3rd, 2022, in the village. At that time, I was preaching the topic “NO ONE CAN BE A SLAVE OF TWO MASTERS.” My text was in Mathew 6:24. In the crowd of people surrounding there, there is a man called Samuel who was a fetish priest and who did his witchcraft for a long time. When I finished preaching, I called people to come to receive Jesus. This man came in front of me and repented of his sins and he invited me to come to his home to show me his materials of witchcraft and we burned those things. We thank God for this miracle and up to today he regularly attends the church service and is ready to be baptized. He decided to not give up because he doesn’t need to serve two masters. He decided to serve one master, only one, Jesus Christ. We believe that those people who are under the darkness in terms of witchcraft in this village will come to Jesus. 

Continue to pray with us so that the lost souls come to Jesus. 

National Missionary, Rwanda