One Boys Life and the Heart of a Village

African Family

The month of June this year had been unforgettable to me. This is because on Friday, June 24, 2022, we were coming from an area where we had an open air meeting. It was about 5:30 PM in the evening and with one Timothy we cycled a bike the distance of 15 miles to and from.

We were tired and as we were approaching the river we saw three boys crying and they were working on a place where the river had a small dam. I asked them why they were crying and look so sad. And desperate, the one who was older, told me that one of them has drowned in the water. When I looked in the water, I saw some bubbles. I did not hesitate but to have my bike, peavey, phone, and my bag on the ground and jump into the water. By the grace of God, I managed to pick him out of the water, and with my Timothy we treated the boy after we lay him sideways. After 20 minutes, he started vomiting water and, in few minutes, we saw him opening his eyes and start moving his body. We continued until he started speaking. After that, we instructed them to go home where we escorted them.  Upon reaching their home, we talked to their parents about what happened to those children.

The next day, which was Saturday, we came back to see how the child was feeling. We thank God because the mother of the child called some of her relatives. When I saw how they came in that large number,  I took advantage of sharing to them from the Bible. Mainly I read Psalms 121:3 where the Bible talks about where our help comes from all the time. I also used Isaiah 41:10 and Hebrews 13:6. It was so amazing seeing even the child’s parents giving their life to Jesus on that day.  

When this village incident happened, even the village headman asked us to open a church and they have promised us a land for the church building. All the family of this boy has now started fellowshipping together with us, which has given us courage of planning to establish a church in that village. To God be the glory and pray for this family and their village where in this coming month we are planning to start a church. 

National Missionary, Malawi