Onward and Upward

An RSI evangelist preaching

It is with a heavy heart that during this period, one of our local missionaries, Rodwell, has been promoted to be with the Lord. May his soul rest in eternal peace with our Lord. 

During this month, I managed to have four funerals in different villages. I thank God for opening such an amazing opportunity for His Word to be shared. Only one funeral was church member-related. We are back in a serious lockdown which left many preachers staying away from burying their church members and relatives in fear of COVID-19. 

I counted it as an opportunity and 87 were saved in these four funerals. The other 31 were saved when I got an opportunity of visiting our small church. Even though it was not that easy to be welcomed in homes. Because I am a community pastor to them, I managed to share the Gospel, I discovered many people needed the Good News, especially during this COVID period. 

I did not manage to do any baptism since the contact is not allowed. It is my prayer that all those who gave their lives to Christ will grow in faith despite these challenges.


National Missionary, Zambia