Preaching Through Care

RSI delivering food in Africa

Recently, I saw the hand of God. We are still on lockdown here in Zimbabwe, but myself, my wife, and my Timothy thought of preaching through food distribution. We used money from my savings. I sought permission from the police to give out mealie-meal to some needy people in the community where I stay, and the permission was granted because people are hungry. This can be a means of spreading the Gospel. 

So, I bought 10kg bags of mealie-meal and 750ml bottles of cooking oil. Before we gave out the distribution, I spoke about Jesus meeting our needs during COVID-19 and that Jesus was still God despite it. I told people to trust the Lord even though the country was in lockdown because of COVID-19. We had 11 people give their lives to Jesus after this sharing, and my Timothy prayed with them. The selected people came one after another to receive mealie-meal while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

I thank God for having ministered to His people through food distribution during COVID-19. All glory goes to God. Pray for our country because of COVID-19.


National Missionary, Zimbabwe