Quarantined for Christ

Karisa with a fellow missionary

On April 13th, I and my five church members went to the church to hold a special prayer for a member who had been sick for a week. At about 11:15 a.m., three policemen came to arrest us. The community had informed them that we were worshipping and that is currently not allowed. They did not let us explain the matter, and they were not willing to listen to us. So, we were taken to be quarantined for 14 days as the rules are due to COVID-19.

During the quarantine, we did not stop sharing the Gospel and praying with those who did not know the Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever we got a chance, we would share the Gospel while we covered our mouths and kept our social distance. I thank God because during my quarantine I led 24 souls to Christ. They all promised to join a church when the COVID-19 is over, and they are back to their homes and normal duties. We prayed together on the day we came out from the quarantine on the 26th of April. I thank God for that. 


National Missionary, Kenya