Salvation at a Funeral

Group of believers at a funeral for oldest person in village

In March, we proceeded to the village with the chief to attend a funeral for one of our church elders. This funeral gave us an opportunity to preach the Gospel to about 358 mourners, who had come to attend the burial of their beloved relative. The homestead was full of people, who had come to witness the burial of a 104-year-old lady. She was the oldest person in the village. The funeral was also attended by a chief from a near by village who was a relative to the deceased. 

The Word of God was preached from Isaiah 6, where it talks about the prophet Isaiah who sees God during the funeral of King Uzziah. This was the time when Isaiah was saved and was ordained as a prophet. In the same manner, about 58 people were saved during the funeral. The chief from the nearby village was also among those who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

When he was given the opportunity to address the gathering, he was full of joy and he urged the people to accept Jesus as their personal Savior so that the people will live in peace. Praise be to God, amen, and amen!

National Missionary, Rwanda