Supporting Widows in Their Affliction

Support Widow and Children

On January 4th, I went to pay fees at the high school for two children we are helping as a church. As I was waiting for my turn, a certain woman arrived with her child seeking a place for them. This woman had $49 instead of $50, which was needed. The clerk said to the woman, “Go away and bring the required amount.” 

The woman started approaching every adult person around seeking a job to work in order to raise the one dollar needed. As she approached every person asking for work to raise the one dollar needed, I approached her and gave her the dollar. I then offered to pay the fees for that child. I told her not to use her $50 to pay fees but to go and use it at home. I told her that from that day, I was going to pay the fees for her child. 

As I was doing that, the people present asked me if I knew the woman. I told them that I didn’t know her, and it was my first time to meet her. I later discovered that the woman was a widow with three children to look after. She was surviving by doing some odd jobs in homes and fields. 

The following Sunday, January 8th, that widow, together with her children, came to the church. Even some of the women who were present at the high school came to church. That Sunday, thirteen souls were saved without preaching a word but by helping people at the time of their need. 

National Missionary, Zimbabwe