The Chief and the Headman

A young African man getting baptized

On June 1, my four Timothies and I conducted an open-air-meeting. Before we started our work in this village, we had to inform the chief and the headman about our mission. Through the grace of God, the chief and the headman granted us permission to go ahead with our open-air meeting, and they also helped us to mobilize people for attending the same meeting.

Many people came to attend this open-air meeting, and both the chief and the headman were in attendance. After I had finished preaching the gospel, by God’s grace, the chief was convinced by God’s Word and he was the first one to give his life to the Lord. Then, many more people were saved on that day. 

I baptized 43 people, including the chief, and the new church in the village was started with 43 members. I gave the responsibility of leading this new church to my two Timothies, Jubeck and Stanley.

Praise God.


National Missionary, Zambia