The Greatest Gift

A young African woman carrying her baby

I am a servant of the Living God, pastoring the local church. I am also serving the Lord as one of the Reaching Souls International missionaries in Burundi. I am so thankful to God for using me in His services. I don’t know how to express my joy and happiness as I see the miracles and wonders he performs through me as we expand His Kingdom. 

On the eve of Christmas, I left my home along with my two Timothies to Magara Marketplace to share God’s Word with the people. We started with worshipping and praising God with some Christmas choruses and hymnal songs. After that, one of my Timothies led us in a word prayer. I then started sharing God’s message from the Bible Luke 1:37, I quote: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” 

My sermon only took 2 minutes, but as I was preaching, the greatest miracle happened! Besides the 31 people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior, a young 11-year-old girl started speaking. Since she was born, she had never uttered a word before! Her mom, whose name is Magnifique told the public: “I am amazed and surprised! I just passed by to hear the Word of God. I was not a Christian before. God has now proven to me that He is able! I now believe.” As I was standing afar, I heard Jeanine, who had never spoken in her entire life, shouting: “Mana! (meaning God!)” I thought it was spoken by somebody else! I looked at her and on turn stared to me. 

As the preacher went on preaching, she shouted again: “Jesus!” Then I recognized God was there. As the altar call was summoned, she was the first to come forward with her beloved daughter. “Truly, it is unbelievable in my eyes and ears. Nothing is impossible to God! I have decided as from today to walk with Him, He is worthy!”

We had a baptismal service on December 30, and the two were baptized along with the 46 new believers joining a local church.


National Missionary, Burundi