The Power of God


Dear brothers and sisters of Reaching Souls International, I greet you all in the name of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ. I believe the Lord is blessing you and protecting you from coronavirus. May praises go to the Lord. 

On Monday we went to Chingwele Market, and while we were there the electricity went off and most of the people came out of their shop stalls and sat on their verandas. It was at this time when we started talking to them in a loud voice so that those who were afar could hear our voices. We greeted them first, then we asked them if it was possible to speak to them the Word of God. Most of them said yes, and we said thank you for allowing us to speak to you. We told them that our coming here is to tell you the Word of Salvation. We asked them if all was good in their lives. Most of them said no, things are not right in their lives. Then we asked them who can solve their problems? They said it is only God who can solve our problems, and I thanked them for the right answer. 

I told them the first thing we can do is look to our Creator for the program which he has toward us. And that program is his son Jesus, whom we should receive in our life to be our Lord and Savior of our life. We should do this by repenting and believing in him (Romans 10:9-10). Many people there do many different types of work in the market. The number could be more than 109 people and asked them if they were ready to receive Jesus in their life and have everlasting life, and I asked them to raise hands so that I can see them well. 98 people said yes, we want to receive Jesus in our life. We prayed together with them and asked them to be going to the church near them or some to our Baptist church. Go to a God-fearing church. May the Lord almighty continue blessing Reaching Souls International.


National Missionary, Zambia