“The Recycling Plant: Jesus Christ”


The entire planet Earth is littered with all sorts of waste wherever you look: metal, glass, wood, paper, animals, vegetables, etc. The final destination for all this waste or refuse is the garbage dump. It is incredible that man, who is the major contributor to the making of this waste, has found a way of reclaiming some of this waste and bringing it back to its original use. This process of bringing waste back to its use is what is properly known as recycling or salvaging today. 

I was invited a local community meeting to discuss the deteriorating security situation in our area. We assembled at a local Primary School premises. While we were waiting for the city council official in charge of our area, to lead us in our discussion, I heard a very unpalatable language coming from a group of young women and men, standing nearby and numbering about 15-20. 

Having witnessed, on several occasions, men, women, boy, and girls picking up scrap metals, plastic bottles, etc. and taking these materials to the recycling companies I compared these young women and men to scrap materials as those who needed to be taken to a recycling company so that they are brought back to the original purpose which God had created them. 

After a brief and silent prayer, asking Jesus to go before me, I approached this fearful and aggressive looking group of young women and men. I inquired politely, “Would you mind if I met with you ladies and gentlemen when we are done with the city council official?” They answered in chorus, “No problem, dad!” 

“We are ready, dad” said one of the men in the group as they called to me when we had finished our discussion with the city council official. 

“I am sure you have seen women, men, girls, and boys picking up all sorts of waste materials in this city, haven’t you?” They answered, “yes we have”. 

“If not picked and taken to recycling plants, these wasteful materials would not be useful to man again forever,” I told them. They understood clearly what I was saying about the picked up waste materials. The recycled materials will be made into useful articles for man, while the unpicked waste will be collected by the city health department to be thrown into the garbage dump or incinerator to be destroyed forever. I explained to them that all humans become waste materials, to be thrown into garbage dumps (hell), when we rebelled against God’s rule through our parents Adam and Eve. The rebellion took place in the Garden of Eden. (1 Corinthians 15:22, John 5:29) 

According to Genesis chapter 3, God knew that Adam and Eve were misled or incited by the devil to only disobey simple instructions and therefore, through His love for the created man, provided the only way for mankind to come back to his creator- “The Recycling Plant: Jesus Christ”. The group was completely dumbfounded by the parallelism of waste materials and sinful man, that both are headed for destruction unless recycled or saved by believing in Jesus Christ (Acts 16:29, Romans 10:9). I encouraged them to find any Bible believing church where they preach Jesus Christ and to join in such churches to which they agreed. 

National Missionary, Zambia