The Salvation of the Lost and Healing of the Sick

Kenya girl

Praise God! It’s been a wonderful time in the presence of God doing ministry and serving in the office of evangelism as a missionary in the Kingdom of God. Preaching the Gospel of Christ to the souls is an honor and being a partaker of the cross of Christ Jesus in the ministry. I have witnessed many souls receiving Christ Jesus as their Savior, captives set free, and the sick being healed through the power of God. 

As I was doing an open-air meeting in the village, I preached the Word of God, and many received salvation. I called the sick among the congregation and the move of God was evident. There was this young lady who had the issue of swelling in her body, she said that the doctors had treated her, but her condition had not changed. We prayed and she believed the Word of God and she confessed that she felt the touch of the fire of God all over her body as we prayed for her. She received her healing and glorified God for the miracle of healing. 

She is totally healed, and I give glory to God for the power of healing and testimony of His doing in the lives of His people. 

National Missionary, Kenya