The Unrelenting Gospel

Lefted the missionary and his three apprentices on bikes

On April 4, my three Timothies and I went out to help teach people in many areas. Such as areas of transport, stations, community care, hospitals, and police cells. We are working with the Ministry of Health staff to help deal with this deadly pandemic disease, named COVID-19. There is much work to be done teaching people to take care of themselves by maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Our greater motive during this work is winning souls to the living God (Proverbs 11:30, Romans 10:15).

We preach the Gospel of Jesus and emphasize that by receiving Jesus as their personal Savior they are assured of eternal life (1 John 5:13). At Mwembeshi, Chief Mungule’s area, about 14 miles from Lusaka, 497 souls received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. They were told to go to the nearest evangelical churches where they believe the Bible is spiritual food and Jesus Christ is the Husband of the church.

We shall never stop reaching the unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus. No matter what pandemic or killer disease there is, we will preach that God is greater than the devil and his demons. They are dead walking creatures, but in Christ, we are walking in everlasting life as disciples of Christ (John 11:26, Luke 12:4-5, Psalms 34; 19). The Church will never die, and we will evangelize to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, which is our way of life. 

May glory be to God!


National Missionary, Zambia