Three Sobering Decisions

Open air meeting in Malawi

First, I want to thank Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to write this story. I had a plan for an open-air meeting in the village. I and my Timothies. We went to this village for preaching, we arrived before to conduct the open-air meeting. First we met with the village headman of that village, and we shared the Gospel with his family. After that we went to ground where we planned to have an open-air meeting. 

Everything was settled in the place, we started to singing chorus as usual. While we were still singing, I heard a loud voice far from where we were, and then I saw three men. These men were drunk, and the guys keep shouting bad words on us. Then people were angry with them. They wanted the men to go far from the ground. But for me, as a leader of the program, I tried to control both sides. I called the three men privately, we discussed almost 30 minutes with the men. I taught them the love of God and wages of sin. The Good News is that all three men received Jesus Christ on that day. Then we proceeded with the program and the men were there up to the end of our program.

National Missionary, Malawi