The Goodness of God

A group of African missionaries with evangelism material

As a pastor and an evangelist in the rural area, I have a lot of things to talk about, especially in the time of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, Zambia. This time around, most church members have stopped coming to church—meaning there is no offerings or tithes and other help from the church. Sons, daughters, and pastor’s wives, including pastors ourselves, have a question to ask, “How are we going to survive? Where are we going to get money to buy food?”

I remember one day my two grandsons and my three children that live with me said to me, “Father, what will happen to us if the Reaching Souls stops supporting us because the pandemic is high?” This question was tough, and it took me some minutes to answer them. I looked down, and I looked up to heaven and then I answered them, “God knows everything.” I said to them that this is the reason God had put me in place at Reaching Souls for this time. He knew that this time of difficulties would come. Then all of them looked at me gladly and said surely God is great! The money we are receiving from RSI is helping us in any areas. We can manage to buy food, we can manage to pay examination fees for our children who will write in grades, 7, 9, and 12 this year. The money we are receiving from RSI will even help us to buy four packages of fertilizer and other things to use at home. Thanks to God for RSI’s support—may God richly bless the ministry.


National Missionary, Zambia