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At Reaching Souls International, we are fast-paced and laser-focused on our mission to share the Gospel with the lost while also striving to create a work environment that is both exciting and full of joy. We take care of our team members and their families, build one another up, and endeavor to please God with the work of our hands.

Reaching Souls team members use the skills God has given them to help make an eternal impact on His kingdom. We are ready to do what He has for us to do and to go where He leads us to go. Are you ready? If so, click below to explore our open positions.

Group 339

The Administrative Department manages personnel, budget, payroll, and benefits, ensuring our team is taken care of and ministry resources are used efficiently and effectively.




The Development Department works to establish, cultivate, and maintain relationships with faithful donors and partners, providing the resources to spread the Gospel around the world.


The Executive Department is directed by the President and CEO, who guides the ministry in all its efforts, wherever God may lead.


The internship program at Reaching Souls is designed to allow Gospel-minded students an opportunity to work in an environment focused on the mission of the Great Commission while gaining valuable experience in real-life situations.

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Department maintains and grows the Reaching Souls brand through various methods, including advertising, campaigns, publications, and communications.


The Missions Department trains, encourages, launches, and supports more than 2,000 National Missionaries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Along with other ministry leaders, this department researches and explores new areas where Reaching Souls can expand and grow.


We pray that by becoming a member of the Reaching Souls team, your family, finances, and faith all become stronger. We try and assist in that by offering the best benefits we possibly can. So, while investing in the eternity of countless lives is the most valuable benefit to a role at Reaching Souls, here are several other benefits and perks to working here.

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