Surrender By Faith

After years of praying about partnering with these women evangelists, the door finally opened for Reaching Souls. We started by adding women National Missionaries in three countries.

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I Am Hannah

One of these women significantly challenged my understanding of oppression and left an indelible mark on my heart.

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Three Truths for Women to Claim in Their Unique Call to Ministry

Women serve a profound purpose in the Kingdom of God. Women of faith are set apart in value and design, uniquely qualified for the distinct calling in which they can and will bring many souls to salvation.

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3 Effective Methods for Reaching Souls for Christ

When it comes to reaching people for Christ, there is no time to waste. We must work strategically and swiftly to advance the Gospel.

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Results Matter to God and They Should Matter to Us Too

Every soul matters to God – that’s why every soul must matter to us.

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Ministry Milestone

Celebrating 100 Million Salvation Decisions Across the Globe

Reaching Souls International™ is excited to announce the fruits of the global harvest, reporting 100 million salvation decisions since the organization’s founding in 1986.

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New Mexican Missionaries

Hello, Mexico!

Psalm 90:10 declares, “As for the days of our lives, they contain seventy years,” so thirty-five years is a relatively…

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A man adjusting the Mexican flag

On the Horizon – Summer 2021

In the past, when Reaching Souls has looked to the horizon, we set our gaze beyond the seas to some…

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