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Newfound Believers

I’m thankful for God’s guidance this May. I visited three different places to share the message of hope with those who haven’t yet found God and those facing hardships. On May 12, 2024, my wife, I, and a friend went to a nearby village. This village struggles with drug addiction and theft, making life tough for its residents. Many are also haunted by illness and fear of evil spirits.

We shared about Jesus’ love, deliverance, and healing with them. Initially, six people accepted Jesus, and upon returning the following week, three more joined them in faith. With a total of nine newfound believers, we established a new church in the village, for which we’re truly grateful to God.

I humbly ask for prayers from fellow servants of Jesus for this new church’s strength and growth. Please pray for us. Next month, I’ll embark on another mission. May the Lord empower me to bear even more fruit. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who support us.

Lan SE Asia