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African woman in a corn field

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The Story of Gladys

I got to spend time with our Kenyan women National Missionaries in their homes and churches this week. I can’t even express how incredibly humbled I am to be able to serve these women.

I want to tell you about Gladys. She is a National Missionary in Kenya.

Gladys is a widow. Her husband, David, became a Reaching Souls International missionary in 1999, a year after Paul, our regional national director, joined our team. Paul and David were best friends-brothers in Christ serving the Lord together. In 2019 David went to be with the Lord. He left behind his beautiful wife, who had been serving beside him faithfully for 20 years, and his legacy of faith will never be forgotten in Kenya.

Gladys has a love for people and she truly desires that all come to know the saving grace of Jesus-just as she did. She was more than happy to serve Reaching Souls with her husband. Together they saw thousands of people come to know the Lord.

Gladys came to the interviews in Kenya in 2022, and it was more than apparent that she knew the Gospel, knew how to share it, and was continuing the work that she and her husband had been doing.

When David passed away, Gladys had to depend on the kindness of others to help her live. Her church allowed her to live in a house they own-she is still living there now.

She serves her church faithfully by holding Bible studies, mentoring young women, and training church members in evangelism. She is a true matriarch of the faith. I was in awe as I listened to her tell her story. She has been through more than most of us will ever experience in life, but the joy of the Lord is evident in her countenance and in her speech.

Gladys used her Reaching Souls support to till the fields surrounding her home. She planted rows and rows of corn by herself, and she uses the money she makes from selling the corn to fund her mission trips.

Gladys and her “Lydia’s” see on average over 400 people each month come to know Christ. She currently has 4 young women she is discipling and walks with them as they evangelize to their community and surrounding villages.

Gladys still weeps when she talks about the night her husband left this earth, but her face reflects the hope that she has in Jesus. When I asked her what motivates her to keep doing the work she said, “I continue the work the Lord has called me to do until the day I can see Jesus. I know He is the Great Healer of souls. He loves us very much. And then, I will see my husband again and rejoice. God is good to me.”

Mischelle Manis Director of Women’s Ministry